Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup Draw In About 30 Minutes...

I'm staying up late tonight so that I can catch the World Cup Draw live. USA finds itself in what I would argue is the weakest Pot (2), which could prove unfortunate. Of course any team can win on any given day blah blah blah... but here is what I would consider America's best and worst possible draws:

Best possible: USA, South Africa, Ghana, Slovenia

Worst Possible: USA, Brazil, Cote d'Iviore, Portugal
or: USA, Spain, Paraguay, France

* Any team in Pot 1, excluding South Africa, I consider to be equally intimidating. For example, it would be just as daunting to face England, as it would Spain (especially after defeating Spain last summer). Spain is ranked #1 in the world but they have a poor track record in World Cups. I always find it difficult to not call Brazil #1.

*Ivory Coast is a team that could really make an impact at this World Cup, with an impact striker like Drogba and the "home field advantage" of being an African team... wouldn't be a huge surprise to see them make a run at it.

*South Korea is in the same pot so they face the same scenario as the US.

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